Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Man, I'm totally bummed out. Me and my friends were planning on going to Comic-Con next year and it sounds so fricking awesome and I really, really want to go but its looking pretty much impossible. At school today we figured it would cost roughly £800 but I just sat at look at flight prices and they all came to about £680-ish which is more that the £295 Suzzie looked it up to be, I have no idea where she found that figure. I still really want to go despite that, we could so make the money up if we got jobs and I've got huge jar full of spare change that's got to have a least hundred pounds in it. But I have to say this isn't like me wanting to go to Wrockstock, we actually have sometime to plan and make the money, though if we really want to go we have buy tickets and book the hotel really soon.
Life sucks, mainly because of the Comic-Con thing but also because I have toothache, I woke up with it on Monday and I still haven't phoned the dentist's because I kept forgetting and because I'm scared they're gonna pull my tooth out. Eek. But I'm going to make my self phone on the way home from school tomorrow and try to get an appointment first thing on Friday. I just hope my mum doesn't find out, cause she's really gonna kill me this time, I'm always getting fillings. It really hurts right now.
I had an A/B test today in maths and really hope I passed it because the whole time I was thinking about Comic-Con. I reckon I'll have done OK in it but I can't fail, if I fail it means I'll have to drop maths and if I drop maths that means I can't go university and I don't know what I'll do if I don't go to uni. Gasp. Actually that pretty much goes for all my subjects. And my plan if don't get into uni is to stay at home and become a hermit, and if it were possible grow a beard. Or go to collage. You know, one of the two. If I went to collage though I don't think I would go to do chemistry, I think I might do something like special effects make-up or something fun like that.
School Halloween party/disco tomorrow. Yay.
Also, just a side note, I think I say "I" too much in my blog and it bugs me and I am try to think of better ways to say things other than, "I did..." or something like that.

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