Friday, 5 March 2010

Sophie Is Boring.

So, I just realised that if I want to pass my classes this year I'm actually going to have to try and work. A lot of my of my stuff for art needs to be finished for next Friday so I'm gonna have to actually start it really soon. Too much stress!

I swore I had more to blog about, obviously I was wrong. Hm... Perhaps I should just not bother. Seems like a bit of waste of time not to post one now.

Oh! I watched the Corpse Bride last night for the first time. It was amazing. The animation was flawless. And I loved how Victor looked almost exactly like Johnny Depp, it was so cool. The only problem I had with it was, I wasn't sure why Victor was gonna marry the Emily, it confused me so much. Other than that I loved it. Speaking of all things Tim Burton, I'm going to Alice In Wonderland on Sunday. At the iMax. In 3D. Super excited!

I can't believe that's all I have to say. Well, all I can say on the Internet. Some things you just can't post.
ok, PUBLISH POST. *click*