Monday, 30 November 2009

I was going to write a blog today about how I was so totally pissed off that I had to wear tartan to school today or something Scottish because its St Andrew's Day and Homecoming and hardly anyone was wearing anything like that and it really annoyed me but I finish school early on Monday because I have free period last, which means I get to go home, so that made my day that bit better. When I got home, I made peanut butter and chicken supper noddles, which made my day a whole load better. It was the first time I've made that and it was awesome, so I watched a rerun of Gilmore Girls whilst I ate.

So even though I had a pretty shit day today my weekend was good. On Friday night after school I went to the cinema with a friend to see New Moon. I thought it was so freaking hilarious. I mean, the first time you see Edward me and my friend burst out laughing and I know it's not meant to be funny, but it is! My favourite part of the move has to be when Bella, Jacob and Mike go to the cinema, firstly because it's so funny and secondly because it was probably because it was the most true to the book part of the movie. The friend I went to see New Moon with had never read the books and had only see the first movie earlier that day, and we came to the decision that Mike is the best character. So I'm going to design and screen print some Team Mike t-shirts and maybe some bags. 'Cause I'm cool.

I was gonna write something really gross about dead mice but I don't think I will.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


I have finished watching Lost season 1. It was epic and I can not believe I didn't watch it the first time around. So, yeah, I really liked it. I was gonna do this blog as a sort of review of it but there's no real point to it since pretty much every one has seen it. So this is just gonna be a blog about what I liked about it and the different aspects and all that crap.

The plot. Was freaking amazing. Even though I know about the polar bear and the hatch and whole load of other stuff, including spoilers I read on damn Wikipedia, I was totally on the edge of my seat. I even liked the little flashback/character history bits, which I remember not liking when I attempted to watch Lost when I was 11, back then I was like, "I don't care if Locke was in a wheelchair before just get back to whats happening NOW!" I mean I still don't care that Locke was in a wheelchair, if I'm honest, Locke is my least favourite characters but I'll talk about that later on. Now, the thing with crazy French lady, what was up with that? Admittedly, I was writing an a few essays whilst I watch that episode(s) so I wasn't sure what was going on, but that didn't stop me from noticing she was a crazy lady. She killed, like, her whole team! I mean, did they really need her, what does she do to the plot? Now that I think about it she did talk about The Others, which I guess is a big part of the plot towards the end. Which leads me nicely on to Ethan abducting Claire and Charlie. That was hard time for me because Claire and Charlie are my favourite characters and that Ethan was one creepy bastard. The part of that which upset me the most was when they found Charlie hanged, even though I knew he lived I was still like, "Nooo, don't die!!!" Sadface. But I think the main point of Claire being kidnapped was about The Others, because the French lady knew The Others wanted "the boy" because she heard them whisper and she made two attempts to get the baby, one before it was born and one after. Although it becomes apparent in the finale that "the boy" The Others want is Walt, because he's special. I can't wait to find out what kind of power Walt has. But I'm still left wondering where Ethan came from and if he was with crazy French lady, he must of been but ... ugh, it hurts my head to think of all the possibilities of the relation between her and Ethan and who he was with and how he got there. If only Charlie hadn't killed him.

Characters. I'm gonna try and keep this part shorter than the last but I'm doubtful that will happen. I'm gonna start with Locke since I mentioned I don't like him. The main reason I don't like him is he only really thinks about what he thinks is best for everyone not what actually is. He may have gotten Charlie over his drug addiction but he drugged Boone and tied him up in the jungle. And also, he got to obsessed about the hatch, he only wanted to open because he thought the Island wanted him to, like it was test. I don't know, but I sure as hell wouldn't trust him. Sawyer is an amazingly deep character, I mean his past is so tragic and I love him as a character. He's not my favourite character but he's definitely up there. I like that him and Jack are always fighting, they're like opposites. I don't really have that much else to say about Sawyer but I felt I should mention him. And if I'm honest I don't really Jack, he's always moaning about not wanting to be the leader or hero. Claire and Charlie are so cute and I love both of them so much. I think the way Charlie looks after Claire is so adorable and sweet, and the peanut butter thing, it's a cute overload. I could on like for a bit about those two so I'm gonna stop.A character I'm really growing to like is Jin, at first I thought he was a bit of a prick because he was mean to Sun but he really changed and in an odd sort of way I think he's kind of attractive, so yeah. There's just too much to say about all of the characters. They all work so well with each other, it's amazing. I don't think I could even rank them. I would say more but I think I'll leave it there, I could go on forever.

Any way, one of my favourite parts of the first season was the montage in the last episode when you saw them all getting on the plane and taking their seats, I don't know why I liked it so much, maybe because it showed the start of their journey together or I think how connected they all are, how that's where all their stories meet. Hope that makes some sort of sense. But yeah, I'm totally ready for season 2, I really want to know what happens. Please don't spoil it for me though.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Just so you know.

Nothing much has happened recently if I'm honest but I really, really wanted to post a blog. Mainly because I feel bad about not posting but also because I've had the urge to write and tell people about the very insignificant things that happen in my life. Such as, I can't spell "insignificant".

But more like things like, I went to dentists today. Yeah, super fun. So I had some toothache and I was all like, "oh no,I'm gonna need a filling!" Insert sadface here. But it turned out it wasn't a cavity, it was just my gum was inflamed cause I had a build up of tartar or whatever. I know that makes it sound as though I don't brush my teeth but I do! Anyway, my dentist was all like, "I think you should start flossing now, don't you?" I should point out that she still had her hand in my mouth and was grinding away the tartar, so I was like, I can't talk so I thought that I would nod, not really a good idea when someone has a drill in your mouth. When I went rinse my mouth I saw blood! I seriously think my dentist hates me. I looked tartar up on wikipediea and there was really gross picture. Don't look it up.

Another thing in my life is that I nothing to read at the moment. I really want more of John Green's books but living in the UK it's hard to find them so I'm getting some for Christmas. Until then I've raid my mum's book shelves and I'm now reading The Catcher In The Rye. So far it's OK, I know it's meant to be really great but I'm not sure. I mean I'm not that far into it so it should hopefully pick up with the pace. I feel I should read more classic novels rather than all the teen fiction I read at the moment. I don't really like classic novels though, mainly because they're so old fashioned and its not my type of thing but I don't really want to been seen as or put in to the group of teenage girls who love Twilight, because for starters I hate, well more dislike, Twilight and I'm not that sort of person. I am cultured. I basically want to extend the range of books I read. I want to read Wuthring Heights but my mum doesn't have it, which shocked me, it's her type of book and the only copy I saw in Borders had "Bella and Edward's favourite book" printed on the cover, again being dumped in with the Twi-hards. But right now my goal is just to finish The Catcher In The Rye.

I kinda feel as though I've said "but" too many times in this blog and its really annoying but (grr) I can't think of any other of saying it. So far I have said the B word twelve times! It's ridicules, I really need to extend my vocabulary, bad.

So, yeah, that's it, I think. That's all that's happened in my life recently. I went to the dentist and I'm reading a book. I love life. By the way, I love short sentences. Just so you know.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Pointless blog about TV.

I tried to post a blog on Friday but my Internet kept on freezing so I gave up. Most of what was in the blog is now totally pointless now but I would of liked to have posted it any way. Most of was just me stressing about school and UCAS and stuff. So yeah. I've got most of my UCAS stuff under control now. Still freaking out a bit though.

I've just started watching LOST, I'm starting from season 1 again. I remember watching it when it first came out and being totally confused and giving up. Having said that I was about ten or something. I bought the season 1 box set for only £20, bargain! Anyway I'm really enjoying it, I think my favourite character has to be Charlie not only is he really cute but he's funny, I also like Hurley, I don't know why, he's just an amazing character. I am watching it right now so I feel this blog might be a bit disjointed and kinda ... I dunno I've lost my train of thought. I'll perhaps post a blog all about LOST once I've finished the first season.

Also TV related, Doctor Who was on last night. It was freaking amazing! And I'm not ashamed to say that I was genuinely scared, especially of Maggie when she was locked up, I think it was the look in her eyes. The only bit of the episode I didn't like was when The Doctor went a little mental and broke the time rules, it up set me. But I'm really looking forward to the Christmas special, I love the little teasers at the end. But I got really excited when I saw Donna, I was like "ZOMG!!! No way!! She'll die if she ....." You know and so on until my mum told me to shut up. I also got a text from my friend Bex and I have to say she was why more excited, she was already coming up with theories about whats gonna happen and about The Doctors regenerations and Donna.

Anyway I'm gonna round up here. Before I ramble any more. So goodbye.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

79% and I'm still not happy.

So far this year at school the only subject I feel I'm doing any good in is maths. Odd. I know. Especially since I want to do chemistry. But when I got my results back for my A/B test I was really upset. I only got 79%, which I know means I got an A but I'm still not happy with that, I want above 80% and know I was only a few marks away from achieving that goal but that's what annoys mean, those stupid little mistakes or as the case some times is really BIG stupid mistakes that cost you three marks. I'm only really obsessed with my maths grade since I recently found out that I am actually good at it, most of last year I was always above 65% on ALL of my tests and exams, I'm positive I got 85% at one point. My maths course this year though is much harder and not many people who did the one I did last year pass it, and I'm determined not only to pass but to get an A. I'll show 'em. Grr.

I can't believe I forgot to blog about my halloween. It was amazing, I had so much fun at the school party/disco. Everyone had great costumes and my friends and me danced like losers. My costume was a bit obscure so most people had to ask who I was but that was OK but I was a bit scared because I was the only person there covered in fake blood. It annoys me that nowadays halloween is about who can wear the shortest skirt, not about scary monsters or zombies. But what can I do about that? Any way here's a photo I took on my phone before I left for the party/disco:

I was really pleased with how the blood came out but it started to peel and flake off in the middle of the night, gutted. A lot of people said it was really good and was really happy when people guessed that I had been "Sylar-ed". I just made that word up there, no one said "Sylar-ed", most people asked if I was Clarie and I just said, "Sure, why not." I wasn't Claire, for starters I'm not blond and I am most definitely not a cheerleader. I did write "SAVE THE CHEERLEADER SAVE THE WORLD", on the back of my t-shirt, though.

Well, I've got a ton of work to do for school so I'm gonna get on with that and then watch Ugly Betty. Byeeee.