Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Stupid school

Man, I'm so tired today. Stupid school. I had a chemistry test today, which I should have revised for last night but I was too tired, so instead I walked to school reading my notes, so I've probably failed. Awesome. Well it wasn't that bad I guess but I don't think it went that well.

I don't know how I've manged to go this far with out killing my physics teacher. Honestly, he's the worst teacher I've ever had, and last year I thought I had the worst teacher for physics. So I'm now teaching myself physics because I don't want to fail again, if I didn't need it to get in to uni I would drop it.

Another thing going on at school is everyone is sorting out their prom dates. Prom isn't till June. I don't have date, I was going to ask my friend Sammy to prom cause she's left school but I don't really think it's her sort of thing. So I think I'm gonna be one of the date-less losers, unless one the guys who would be date-less losers ask me. But to be honest I don't see the rush prom is still ... (stops to count) ... 8 months away. Another stupid school thing I have to go to is the Halloween party/disco, which is gonna be so lame. Anyway everyone's going on about what their going as and I had an awesome idea, I'm gonna go as Bellatrix LeStrange from Harry Potter, I saw a costume on the interweb somewhere. My friend Fiona is maybe gonna go as the guy from Clockwork Orange, which is such a cool idea.

On a totally unrelated note, Lady Gaga is on TV and she wears some really odd outfits doesn't she? And now Madonna is on. I think she's a little too old to be dancing like that. It's kinda creepy.

Speaking of TV, I spent like an hour something try to find a site to watch the new episode of The Big Bang Theory on and I couldn't. I wish it was out in the UK, hopefully it will be soon I really want to see it. The same for Heroes too, my friend Tasha has seen it and she really wants someone to talk to about it. Another thing that's taking ages to get here is a book I ordered off of Amazon like last Monday or Tuesday, it sucks cause I've got nothing to read just now. Sad face.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Oh Hai Guyz

Hey guys I'm new here, please be nice to me. I've always wanted to blog and now I've gotten round to it. Yay. So I feel I should start by telling you (the people who have for some reason decided to read this) a little about myself.

My name is Sophie and I am 17 years old. I live in Scotland. I'm still at school and I'm in 6th year, the subjects I'm taking are Higher maths, physics, art and Advanced Higher chemistry. I can't really think of any thing else to say, my mind has gone kinda blank now that try to think of to say . . . Oh I'm a big Harry Potter fan, which is why I think people tend to stay away from me either that or they think I'm a bit weird, I'm not sure but I don't really care what people think of me. Another thing about me is that I love to draw, whenever I can and not that crappy anime you see 14 year olds do all time, no offence meant as I do sometimes dabble in it. I also play guitar, I know I'm not that great at it but i still enjoy it.

I think I've rambled on quite a bit now so I think I'm gonna go now and watch some Scrubs (my fav tv show btw), maybe do some of my maths homework and revise for my chemistry test have tomorrow.