Sunday, 28 February 2010

Insert Title Here.

God, I suck at blogging. One blog a month is pitiful. I'd like people think I haven't been blogging because I have so much going on but that just isn't true. Very little is going.

I mean, I have had a rather busy weekend. My aunt came over to stay on Friday and she brought her beautiful greyhound Mandy with her. She is the most adorable dog in the world even if she is a bit lazy and dumb at times. And then on Saturday I had to get super early at like 7am, which is earlier than when I get up for school, to go Glasgow with my aunt because I needed to get an A3 marker pad for art, I also treated myself and bought a Tim Burton book with all his artwork and sketches in it, because I adore his artwork so much. On my way home, I discovered that all the trains were off and I had to get a replacement bus back which took nearly an hour and half or something. But the plus side to this was that I got a window seat and it was very pretty outside 'cause everywhere was covered in snow. I got back home about 11:30 which was awesome because it meant I still had the whole day ahead of me. So, I then spent the rest of the weekend working on my design folio for art and once I'm finished it I never want to see another Cheshire Cat in my life (unless it's from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland).

I also made a huge discovery today, my brother is actually kinda arty. I only found this out because my mum told me brother had book in his room that looked interesting so I went to check it out. I noticed a few sketch pads so I had a look in them (cause I'm nosey) and his drawings are good. Not in the same way as mine are or most art but they're very unique and like them. So, I just found his deviantART page and I've been snooping through his gallery and it's cool. I don't really talk to my brother, so I kinda feel like a know him a bit better now and he's far more creative than I thought. Although, having said that I don't plan on telling him, I think I'll let him keep his privacy.

Anyway I got stuff to do so I'm gonna leave that there.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


God, it's been almost a month since I last blogged, can you believe that? Well, if I'm honest I've been super busy with school and studying and dropping subjects. I currently have perlims the now. They started yesterday, and I've already sat two of them and I have one more tomorrow and the that's me finished and I'll have week off. It kinda sucks though because we have two weeks for the prelims and my exams are all the first three days! So not fair.

I also dropped Chemistry. I used to really like chemistry but now it's just too hard for me it just fries my brain and I don't get any of it. It also means I've had a change of heart about what I want to do once I leave school. I use to want to go to uni to study chemistry but I think I'm gonna go to college to study illustration or graphic design. I know that's a strange change of plan but I really love to draw it's something I do for fun and I've got some natural talent in. And if I'm honest it sounds like more fun.

Recently I had an idea for a good blog, I'm gonna do one about five things I like and I might do one about five things I dislike. I think narrowing down the things I don't like might take a while though. I might start an entirely new blog for this and each week do five different things ... I like this idea. Yeah. I'm gonna do that! Yay! another way for me to waste my time. Wonder how long I'll keep it up?

Yeah, so I've got some studying to do, which I probably won't do till late but I'm stopping now with the intention of doing some studying. :D