Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Man, I'm totally bummed out. Me and my friends were planning on going to Comic-Con next year and it sounds so fricking awesome and I really, really want to go but its looking pretty much impossible. At school today we figured it would cost roughly £800 but I just sat at look at flight prices and they all came to about £680-ish which is more that the £295 Suzzie looked it up to be, I have no idea where she found that figure. I still really want to go despite that, we could so make the money up if we got jobs and I've got huge jar full of spare change that's got to have a least hundred pounds in it. But I have to say this isn't like me wanting to go to Wrockstock, we actually have sometime to plan and make the money, though if we really want to go we have buy tickets and book the hotel really soon.
Life sucks, mainly because of the Comic-Con thing but also because I have toothache, I woke up with it on Monday and I still haven't phoned the dentist's because I kept forgetting and because I'm scared they're gonna pull my tooth out. Eek. But I'm going to make my self phone on the way home from school tomorrow and try to get an appointment first thing on Friday. I just hope my mum doesn't find out, cause she's really gonna kill me this time, I'm always getting fillings. It really hurts right now.
I had an A/B test today in maths and really hope I passed it because the whole time I was thinking about Comic-Con. I reckon I'll have done OK in it but I can't fail, if I fail it means I'll have to drop maths and if I drop maths that means I can't go university and I don't know what I'll do if I don't go to uni. Gasp. Actually that pretty much goes for all my subjects. And my plan if don't get into uni is to stay at home and become a hermit, and if it were possible grow a beard. Or go to collage. You know, one of the two. If I went to collage though I don't think I would go to do chemistry, I think I might do something like special effects make-up or something fun like that.
School Halloween party/disco tomorrow. Yay.
Also, just a side note, I think I say "I" too much in my blog and it bugs me and I am try to think of better ways to say things other than, "I did..." or something like that.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Stupid Stupid Stupid

I'm such a freaking idiot. Today I slept in and was rushing about to try and get ready for school, when I go to school and was siting in chemistry I realised I had forgotten my keys. I think my my exact words were something along the lines of, "NOOOOO! My keys." I then sat with my head on the desk for next ten minutes wondering what I was gonna do after school until five when my mum comes home. I ended up sending a really sad and pathetic text to my mum, to which she told me to come down to her work to keys off her. That was particularly embarrassing. Yeah.
School today was good, I pretty much sat around and did nothing. My chemistry teacher has been off, which is very unusual he's normally always in, so that meant I had a double period of doing nothing, since we didn't get a sub. Most of my chemistry class went to the library but me ad my friends just stayed in the class and talked and I realised I forgot my keys. During interval my group of friends organised our Secret Santa thing... I know its early to be thinking about Christmas but we like to be organised. It took us a while to do, you know pulling names out of hat and making sure its not your own name or the person you had last year, but we manged it. I'm happy with who I got but now that I think about it I have no idea what to get her. Eek.
After interval I had a free period, which we're meant to use to study but I spent trying to phone my mum (and ending up texting her) and listening to my iPod, 'cause I'm cool. Not really. I had another three other classes today but nothing really happened in them worth mentioning to be honest.
So after I went down town to get keys of my mum I came home and went on blogtv to watch charlieissocoollike because they were going to play the ChartJakers song for the first time but because I had to go into town I missed the start when they played the song but I stuck around to watch the rest and then they played it at the end. It was better than I thought it would be, so I'm gonna buy it when it comes out, well I was gonna buy it anyway. I hope it gets to number 1, it'll be hard but I think if even gets in the charts that would incredible, especially for something from the Internet.
Anyway got to go now. byeee.

Monday, 19 October 2009

The super quick, super short blog

Ok, so I feel really bad about not having posted anything for ages but I have been super busy doing nothing. Really. So I had been meaning to post but I didn't really know what about.
Also, completely unrelated to anything I haven't been doing, I had a dream with Alex Carpenter from The Remus Lupins in it, it was so weird but a good weird, and then I woke up. Actually I had I pretty weird dream last night as well, me and my friend Tasha and her little sister Sianan were in like this really scabby caravan, which was parked on top of a car (yeah, on top) and then Sianan started to rock the caravan and it fell off of the car and everything in the it fell on top of her and she broke her arm. It was a pretty pointless dream I know, I think there may of been something about skateboards but I'm not too sure if it was that dream or another one.
If I made any mistakes or if anything doesn't make sense I was in a rush, sorry.
K, well I'm gonna go now, byeeeee.

Monday, 5 October 2009


I want to blog but have nothing to blog about. I am that boring.
Although, actually I have been a rush recently to finish my UCAS application and make all my choices for what courses I want to do at uni. I was only gonna go for three course but them my guidance teacher totally bullied me into making five, well she didn't really bully me, I'm just saying that. I hope I get into uni, I'm actually kinda scared I won't get in, I don't think I'm smart enough. Mind you I do think I'm smarter than some people at school in my year but that's only really because they think they know everything and that they think they're better that everyone. I'm pretty sure everyone know at least one person like that.
Also, I'm in a bit of pickle, Friday at school is Pink Day, where everyone wears something pink and pays a £1 and the money goes to breast cancer research. Well my pickle is that I have no idea what to wear. Do I wear my pink tutu again like last year or do I let Tasha talk me into wearing my pj's to school? Or I could just wear a pink t-shirt. Boring, I know but I can't really think of anything else. I think I have pink tights somewhere, hmmmm?
Oh well, I let you know how it goes, I may put photos up. Cya.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm not going to touch his leg.

K, so I'm really tired and can't really be bothered to blog right now but at the same I want to. Kinda stupid isn't it.
So school has been a drag. I've been in the art dept. all the time these past two days or so working non-stop trying to finish my investigation which I have nothing for, so I've been going up at lunch then forgetting to have something to so having to stuff my face on the way to my next class five minutes after the bell has gone.
Anyway you may have noticed the title of this blog. There is a story behind it but first I'd like to clarify that I did not say that. So it was Wednesday morning, first period, I had a free period as most of my friend and some other 6th years and we were all in the common room. Now I don't know why someone brought them in but someone had brought in wax strips. Yup, wax strips. So the girls (whom I'm not friends with) decided to wax Jacobs eyebrows (not friends with him either). This went ok, Jacob only saying it hurt a little, but then Jaime , how is head boy by the way, took one of the big was strips and put it on Jacobs leg. . . the wrong way. And as all girls know once its on, it has to come off. This caused Jacob to scream, scream, scream. It. Was. Hilarious. I would pay to see him in pain and this was for free. Bargain! No, I'm jokin but it was funny. The next thing Mr Scott (head of our year) is the common room seeing what the noise was all about because he could hear the screaming all the way up maths. So the story is re-told, blah, blah, blah and then some one tells Mr Scott to feel how smooth Jacob's leg is now and he say, and I quote "as there's always someone with a camera, I'm not going to touch his leg". That made my day. Now I realise that reading my re-telling of the story my be really boring, I'm really awful at telling stories they're never as funny as when it actually happens or when someone else tells it.
Also remember I was complaining about ordering that book and it hadn't come? It came!! I'm so happy.
I'm gonna go now Scrubs is on and I like the end of this episode so I want to watch it in all its glory. That means I haven't cheacked this for mistakes or anything.