Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm not going to touch his leg.

K, so I'm really tired and can't really be bothered to blog right now but at the same I want to. Kinda stupid isn't it.
So school has been a drag. I've been in the art dept. all the time these past two days or so working non-stop trying to finish my investigation which I have nothing for, so I've been going up at lunch then forgetting to have something to so having to stuff my face on the way to my next class five minutes after the bell has gone.
Anyway you may have noticed the title of this blog. There is a story behind it but first I'd like to clarify that I did not say that. So it was Wednesday morning, first period, I had a free period as most of my friend and some other 6th years and we were all in the common room. Now I don't know why someone brought them in but someone had brought in wax strips. Yup, wax strips. So the girls (whom I'm not friends with) decided to wax Jacobs eyebrows (not friends with him either). This went ok, Jacob only saying it hurt a little, but then Jaime , how is head boy by the way, took one of the big was strips and put it on Jacobs leg. . . the wrong way. And as all girls know once its on, it has to come off. This caused Jacob to scream, scream, scream. It. Was. Hilarious. I would pay to see him in pain and this was for free. Bargain! No, I'm jokin but it was funny. The next thing Mr Scott (head of our year) is the common room seeing what the noise was all about because he could hear the screaming all the way up maths. So the story is re-told, blah, blah, blah and then some one tells Mr Scott to feel how smooth Jacob's leg is now and he say, and I quote "as there's always someone with a camera, I'm not going to touch his leg". That made my day. Now I realise that reading my re-telling of the story my be really boring, I'm really awful at telling stories they're never as funny as when it actually happens or when someone else tells it.
Also remember I was complaining about ordering that book and it hadn't come? It came!! I'm so happy.
I'm gonna go now Scrubs is on and I like the end of this episode so I want to watch it in all its glory. That means I haven't cheacked this for mistakes or anything.

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