Monday, 5 October 2009


I want to blog but have nothing to blog about. I am that boring.
Although, actually I have been a rush recently to finish my UCAS application and make all my choices for what courses I want to do at uni. I was only gonna go for three course but them my guidance teacher totally bullied me into making five, well she didn't really bully me, I'm just saying that. I hope I get into uni, I'm actually kinda scared I won't get in, I don't think I'm smart enough. Mind you I do think I'm smarter than some people at school in my year but that's only really because they think they know everything and that they think they're better that everyone. I'm pretty sure everyone know at least one person like that.
Also, I'm in a bit of pickle, Friday at school is Pink Day, where everyone wears something pink and pays a £1 and the money goes to breast cancer research. Well my pickle is that I have no idea what to wear. Do I wear my pink tutu again like last year or do I let Tasha talk me into wearing my pj's to school? Or I could just wear a pink t-shirt. Boring, I know but I can't really think of anything else. I think I have pink tights somewhere, hmmmm?
Oh well, I let you know how it goes, I may put photos up. Cya.

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