Monday, 19 October 2009

The super quick, super short blog

Ok, so I feel really bad about not having posted anything for ages but I have been super busy doing nothing. Really. So I had been meaning to post but I didn't really know what about.
Also, completely unrelated to anything I haven't been doing, I had a dream with Alex Carpenter from The Remus Lupins in it, it was so weird but a good weird, and then I woke up. Actually I had I pretty weird dream last night as well, me and my friend Tasha and her little sister Sianan were in like this really scabby caravan, which was parked on top of a car (yeah, on top) and then Sianan started to rock the caravan and it fell off of the car and everything in the it fell on top of her and she broke her arm. It was a pretty pointless dream I know, I think there may of been something about skateboards but I'm not too sure if it was that dream or another one.
If I made any mistakes or if anything doesn't make sense I was in a rush, sorry.
K, well I'm gonna go now, byeeeee.

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