Saturday, 28 August 2010

What I did this summer.

Eek, three months since my last blog? I really do suck at blogging. Really gonna try harder this time, I promise.

So, I'm moving out tomorrow. To my dad's. I start collage on Monday. Really nervous, probably not gonna have any friends. But on the plus side I'll get to draw every day which will be awesome.

Any way, things that have happened to me since I last blogged:
I Left school;
I went to prom (it sucked);
I went to see Eclipse (it sucked too);
I turned 18;
I got a cardboard cut out of Matt Smith for my birthday (thanks mum);
I saw Toy Story 3;
I went to Edinburgh Book Festival to see John Green;
I got books signed by John Green;
I saw Blink 182;
and I saw Scott Pilgrim.

On the whole my summer has been pretty good. And regular blogging will hopefully resume soon.