Tuesday, 3 November 2009

79% and I'm still not happy.

So far this year at school the only subject I feel I'm doing any good in is maths. Odd. I know. Especially since I want to do chemistry. But when I got my results back for my A/B test I was really upset. I only got 79%, which I know means I got an A but I'm still not happy with that, I want above 80% and know I was only a few marks away from achieving that goal but that's what annoys mean, those stupid little mistakes or as the case some times is really BIG stupid mistakes that cost you three marks. I'm only really obsessed with my maths grade since I recently found out that I am actually good at it, most of last year I was always above 65% on ALL of my tests and exams, I'm positive I got 85% at one point. My maths course this year though is much harder and not many people who did the one I did last year pass it, and I'm determined not only to pass but to get an A. I'll show 'em. Grr.

I can't believe I forgot to blog about my halloween. It was amazing, I had so much fun at the school party/disco. Everyone had great costumes and my friends and me danced like losers. My costume was a bit obscure so most people had to ask who I was but that was OK but I was a bit scared because I was the only person there covered in fake blood. It annoys me that nowadays halloween is about who can wear the shortest skirt, not about scary monsters or zombies. But what can I do about that? Any way here's a photo I took on my phone before I left for the party/disco:

I was really pleased with how the blood came out but it started to peel and flake off in the middle of the night, gutted. A lot of people said it was really good and was really happy when people guessed that I had been "Sylar-ed". I just made that word up there, no one said "Sylar-ed", most people asked if I was Clarie and I just said, "Sure, why not." I wasn't Claire, for starters I'm not blond and I am most definitely not a cheerleader. I did write "SAVE THE CHEERLEADER SAVE THE WORLD", on the back of my t-shirt, though.

Well, I've got a ton of work to do for school so I'm gonna get on with that and then watch Ugly Betty. Byeeee.

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