Monday, 23 November 2009

Just so you know.

Nothing much has happened recently if I'm honest but I really, really wanted to post a blog. Mainly because I feel bad about not posting but also because I've had the urge to write and tell people about the very insignificant things that happen in my life. Such as, I can't spell "insignificant".

But more like things like, I went to dentists today. Yeah, super fun. So I had some toothache and I was all like, "oh no,I'm gonna need a filling!" Insert sadface here. But it turned out it wasn't a cavity, it was just my gum was inflamed cause I had a build up of tartar or whatever. I know that makes it sound as though I don't brush my teeth but I do! Anyway, my dentist was all like, "I think you should start flossing now, don't you?" I should point out that she still had her hand in my mouth and was grinding away the tartar, so I was like, I can't talk so I thought that I would nod, not really a good idea when someone has a drill in your mouth. When I went rinse my mouth I saw blood! I seriously think my dentist hates me. I looked tartar up on wikipediea and there was really gross picture. Don't look it up.

Another thing in my life is that I nothing to read at the moment. I really want more of John Green's books but living in the UK it's hard to find them so I'm getting some for Christmas. Until then I've raid my mum's book shelves and I'm now reading The Catcher In The Rye. So far it's OK, I know it's meant to be really great but I'm not sure. I mean I'm not that far into it so it should hopefully pick up with the pace. I feel I should read more classic novels rather than all the teen fiction I read at the moment. I don't really like classic novels though, mainly because they're so old fashioned and its not my type of thing but I don't really want to been seen as or put in to the group of teenage girls who love Twilight, because for starters I hate, well more dislike, Twilight and I'm not that sort of person. I am cultured. I basically want to extend the range of books I read. I want to read Wuthring Heights but my mum doesn't have it, which shocked me, it's her type of book and the only copy I saw in Borders had "Bella and Edward's favourite book" printed on the cover, again being dumped in with the Twi-hards. But right now my goal is just to finish The Catcher In The Rye.

I kinda feel as though I've said "but" too many times in this blog and its really annoying but (grr) I can't think of any other of saying it. So far I have said the B word twelve times! It's ridicules, I really need to extend my vocabulary, bad.

So, yeah, that's it, I think. That's all that's happened in my life recently. I went to the dentist and I'm reading a book. I love life. By the way, I love short sentences. Just so you know.

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