Monday, 14 December 2009

I hate titles.

Man, I've got a feeling that this blog is gonna end up being about how I feel bad about not blogging and what TV shows I'm currently watching, rather than about my life and things I've done.

So, I'm currently watching the first season of How I Met Your Mother because my friend was talking about it and saying how awesome it is and I had only ever see the end of it when I've been changing channels. I like thus far, I guess its good for a giggle. I'm now also wondering who Ted will end up with because I thought it would be Robin but that's obviously not gonna happen. But enough of TV, I think I might write about my real life.

School has been mental. But I haven't really been paying all that much attention. I know should, and I am gonna start trying harder and stuff, but the thing is I really not that bothered any more. Well, I want to pass maths but that's about it, I'm not bothered about chemistry or physics and I am a little bothered about art but not all that much. I just want school to be done. Last year I was scared at the prospect of leaving school and I didn't want to but now, I can't wait, I'm ready. I mean, I will miss school, I'll miss some of the teachers and some of the people I went to school with but I definitely won't miss getting up early or pretending to like people. I know the last two things I will have do again in my life but not anytime soon. Hopefully.

What I'm going to do once I leave school is another altogether. Even though I've sent away applications to universities, all for chemistry courses, I'm not sure that's what I wan to do. Most of friends know exactly what they want to do, veterinary, engineering, psychology, history. I am seriously thinking about just getting a job in shop or something. I really don't know what I want to do in life all I really know is that I want to go to America wither it's on holiday or forever, that's my dream. And to achieve that I need money and to get money I need a job.

Well, I have been instructed to put up a Christmas tree so that's all I have time write.

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